Indoor Security, baby monitoring, pet monitoring  

Enhance Your Home’s Security with Cutting-Edge Tech: This advanced camera offers Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, elevating your peace of mind with its two-way audio, crying detection, motion sensor, and night vision features.

Discover Smarter Surveillance: Our camera’s on-device AI smartly differentiates between humans and pets, recording only the moments that truly matter for efficient and relevant playback.

Crystal-Clear Insight, Day or Night: Experience every detail in striking 2K resolution (1080P when using HomeKit), ensuring you never miss a beat in your home’s security narrative.

Seamless Smart Home Compatibility: Effortlessly integrate with Apple HomeKit (see our HomeKit User guide in the product info), Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, and take control of your home surveillance like never before.

Stay Ahead of Every Move: With its ability to track and follow motion, our camera covers every angle. Enjoy a 360° horizontal panorama or a 96° vertical tilt for a comprehensive view of your space.

Real-Time Communication: Engage directly with visitors or family at home through the camera’s built-in two-way audio, adding a layer of interaction to your home monitoring.”

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