HOVERAir X1 Self Flying Camera

Pocket size foldable drone HDR Video 

Experience the Future of Aerial Photography with HOVERAir: Introducing the Hover X1 flymore blk, a marvel of drone technology that combines sleek design with groundbreaking functionality.

Instant Take-off, Effortless Operation: The HOVERAir X1 is a game-changer with its 3-second palm take-off feature. User-friendly and equipped with 32GB internal storage, it’s ready to fly without the hassle of SD cards.

Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Convenient: Lighter than an iPhone at just 125g (4.41oz) and boasting a foldable frame, the HOVERAir X1 redefines portability. It’s adventure-ready without the need for FAA registration, fitting easily into your lifestyle.

Intelligent Flight, Tailored to You: Enjoy the freedom of hands-free flying with pre-set intelligent paths like Hover, Follow, and Orbit. Customize each flight to capture unique perspectives, whether it’s a bird’s eye view or a dramatic zoom out.

Real-Time Control at Your Fingertips: Seamlessly connect with the Hover X1 App for live footage previews and manual control, ensuring you always get that perfect shot.

Stunning Visuals, Steady Shots: Capture life’s moments in vivid 2.7K HDR video. The triple stabilization system guarantees smooth, high-quality footage, ideal for everything from serene hikes to action-packed adventures.

Advanced Tracking for Dynamic Adventures: Keep the pace with its advanced tracking system, capable of following speeds up to 20mph. Whether cycling or skateboarding, the HOVERAir X1 is your reliable companion for capturing dynamic moments.

Share Instantly, Share Effortlessly: With the Hover X1 App, sharing your adventures is just a click away. Effortlessly upload your stunning photos and videos to social media, making it a perfect tool for vloggers, hikers, bikers, and every kind of adventurer.

Safety First, Fun Always: Fly with confidence thanks to the fully enclosed design and safety guards. This feature provides peace of mind, making the HOVERAir X1 suitable for both adults and children, ensuring safety without compromising the fun of close-range shooting.”


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