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How students are using ChatGPT

by Marc Sheridan

Students are increasingly using AI tools like ChatGPT for various educational purposes. Most students these days are utilizing ChatGPT for school or college:

  • 1. Research Assistance: Students use ChatGPT to get explanations on complex topics, summaries of research papers, or to help generate ideas for their assignments.
  • 2. Writing Aid: ChatGPT is used to help with writing essays, reports, and even to check grammar and sentence structure. It can also be utilized to generate bibliographies and citations.
  • 3.Learning Support: For subjects that students find challenging, ChatGPT can provide step-by-step explanations, which can aid in understanding difficult concepts.
  • 4. Language Learning: It’s being used as a tool for language learning and practice, especially for writing and comprehending text in foreign languages.
  • 5. Programming Help: Students learning to code may use ChatGPT to understand programming concepts, debug code, or explain error messages.
  • 6. Exam Preparation: : ChatGPT can be asked to quiz students on various subjects or to explain the correct answers to practice problems.

Teachers and academic institutions are aware of the increasing use of AI and are adapting in the following ways:

  • 1. Plagiarism Checks: Educators are using more sophisticated plagiarism detection software to ensure that students submit original work.
  • 2. Assignment Design: Assignments are being crafted to require more personal reflection and unique responses that are less likely to be generated by AI.
  • 3.Digital Literacy: Educators are incorporating lessons on digital literacy, emphasizing the ethical use of AI in academics.
  • 4.AI Awareness: Teachers are educating themselves on AI capabilities to better understand how students might use it.
  • 5. In-Class Use:: Some educators are integrating AI into their teaching methods, using it as a tool to enhance learning rather than as just a challenge to academic integrity.
  • 6. Policy Updates:: Academic policies are being updated to address the use of AI, with guidelines on what is considered acceptable assistance.

Overall, the relationship between AI tools like ChatGPT and the educational sector is evolving, with both students and teachers finding ways to adapt to the benefits and challenges of this new AI era.

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